Your Life

Your Life is immensely short; at the very most, perhaps nearly 100 years.

The age of the Earth is about 4.5 billion years. Most Galaxies are estimated to be 10.0 to 13.6 billion years old; with the { Milky Way Galaxy } having about 100 to 400 billion stars, is a very old galaxy; at about 13.6 billion years. There are several of the oldest known stars in the Universe within the Milky Way Galaxy: 1. { HD 140283 } (also known as the Methuselah star; about 12.0 to 13.7 billion years.)  and 2. { List of Oldest Stars } in the Galaxy. There are numerous galaxies in the { Local Group of Galaxies }; although the exact number of galaxies in the Local Group is unknown, as some are occluded by the Milky Way; however, at least 80 members are known, most of which are { Dwarf Galaxies }; which is part of the { Laniakea Supercluster }, containing approximately 100,000 other galaxies. In March 2019, astronomers reported that the { Virial Mass } of the Milky Way Galaxy is 1.54 trillion { Solar Masses }, suggesting that about 90% of the mass of the galaxy is { Dark Matter }. There are estimated to be about 10 million { Superclusters } in the { Universe }.

The Universe, having upwards to about 2 trillion { Galaxies } ; being about 13.8 billion years. There are { Dark Galaxies } that are almost void of stars and made up of mostly Dark Matter, such as the { Dragonfly 44 Galaxy }. There are a countless number  of { Cosmic Structures } within the Universe; including things, such as { Black Holes }; { Nebulas }; { Exoplanets }; { Cosmic Voids }; { Quasars }; { Pulsars }; and many other { Astronomical Objects }. All of this material makes up only about 5% of existence, as we understand it to be!!! The other 95% is { Dark Matter } and { Dark Energy } or substance beyond the elements of which we know as the Earth and the Universe.

There are currently slightly over 8 billion people in the world; and throughout the history of humanity, there are estimates to have been about 110 billion people, who have been born, lived and died on earth.

In other words, your life; all of the foolish events that occur throughout the worldwide entertainment industry; the massive (propaganda) fake news media; the many areas of political and social agenda’s that twist and turn like the wind; and yes, even sports programs that last for a moment and are nothing more than a distraction, then vanishes away like a small vapor and finally; all of the false religions, with their pastors, preachers, priests and leaders; that are virtually beyond number, which deceive the masses; including just the daily aspects of life, that overwhelms society; are merely a fraction of the universal time of infinite existence.

My humble suggestion to you: don’t get caught up in all of this type of “nonsense”. It’s simply not worth it and you are wasting your life. Your life is so very, very short!!!

My comment to everyone: Be a responsible person, but: Don’t waste your time on all of these “nonsense things”. Once the moments of your life are gone and whatever “time in your life” you have wasted on these “nonsense things”: You cannot get it back. Not one second; not a minute; not an hour; not a day; absolutely nothing!!! It’s gone forever.

All you have now is the future. Make the best; or at least, better use of whatever “time you have left”, mostly toward seeking the Lord; by Bible Study, Prayer and Correct Scriptural Worship…