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August 16, 2020:

As of May 8, 2020; these are all of the Sermons that will be posted. Bro. Tom passed away on April 5, 2019; and his son sent me many Sermons that were found at his home. I have tried to upload the ones I felt like were some that were not already online. I may have uploaded several that were already online, but I was simply an oversight.

Nevertheless, as of now; May 8, 2020: these are all of the Sermons that will be added, unless I notice some new ones that I’m certain are not on this list. Otherwise, I hope these Sermons have enriched your life……………

Be sure to take the opportunity in your life to listen to the many Sermons on this Website, while you still have time!!!

Hopefully, these Sermons will be a Spiritual Blessing to you.

Your life on this Earth is a very short moment of time and it is my belief, a person should devote as much time as possible in learning the Word of God.

Since your “real life is an Eternal Journey”, why not get a head start on the Eternal Spiritual things???

These Sermons are from:

Pastor Tom McElmurry, at Dardanelle Missionary Baptist Church, Dardanelle, Arkansas.

His Website is:


Tom McElmurry is a pastor who holds University, Seminary, and Institutional degrees in Physical Science, Theology, and Divinity. He was certified as a Meteorologist in 1954 by the United States Air Force; became a member of the American Meteorological Society in 1962; served in the Mid-eastern, African, European, and Far-Eastern Theaters as a Meteorologist; and is a member of the Israel Geological Society. He worked as a tornado forecaster in the Kansas City Severe Weather Service, and as an analyst for the National Security Agency, retiring from the USAF-NSA in 1971. He has taught Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science, Biology, and Earth Science in the public school system as a certified teacher, and has written three books: Tectonic Chaos, Tribulation Triad, and Tribulation Birth Pangs from the Bottomless Pit. He has also written scientific articles published by the USAF and the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. His wife and family reside in Dardanelle, Arkansas, where he has pastored since 1974. His military and civilian education includes 2,730 clock hours of meteorological instruction in USAF selected institutions of higher learning, and more than 265 University and Seminary hours in undergraduate and graduate studies. He has lectured worldwide in 20 Missionary Baptist colleges and seminaries,and in more than 800 Missionary Baptist Churches in Lithuania, Romania, Africa, and the U.S.A. He is a distinguished graduate of the USAFMAC Military Academy. He has a weekly short wave broadcast on Saturday by Middle East Bible Voice on a frequency of 13.710 MHz at 1930 UTC. It can be heard in Israel at 9:30 P.M. local time and in Iraq at 11:30 P.M. local time. It is heard in Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, and Qatar.

Sermons #01 – 1-100

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01.  The Heavenly Position of the Bride of Christ.01

02.  The Highest Home in Heaven.02

03.  Planning for the Future.03

04.  Fellowship with Christ.04

05.  Who will be with Christ.05

06.  Heavenly City.06

07.  Heavenly Home.07

08.  The Light of the Heavenly City.08

09.  Your Job in Heaven.09

10.  Where will you Dwell in Heaven?10

11.  Hope for the Future.11

12.  The Selection of the Bride of Christ.12

13.  Respect for Christ.13

14.  The Church Age.14

15.  Obedience to Christ.15

16.  Are You Ready???16

17.  Spiritual Beauty.17

18.  Your Position in Heaven.18

19.  A New Heaven and a New Earth.19

20.  The Promises of God.20

21.  Love for Christ.21

22.  Seeking the Kingdom of God.22

23.  The Bride is a Servant.23

24.  Your Spiritual Relationship with Christ.24

25.  Serve Christ all of your Life.25

26.  The Evil Bride of the Antichrist.26

27.  The Heavenly Marriage Feast.27

28.  The Bride Made Herself Ready.28

29.  Looking for a New Heaven and a New Earth.29

30.  Quality of Life in Heaven.30

31.  Set Apart from the World.31

32.  The Rapture of True Believers.32

33.  The Absolute Truth from the Word of God.33

34.  Times of Refreshing.34

35.  Are You Making Yourself Ready?35

36.  The Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.36

37.  Serve God and not the World.37

38.  The Pattern of Life of a Church Member.38

39.  The Earthly/Heavenly Marriage Feast.39

40.  Fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.40

41.  Getting Ready for Judgment Day.41

42.  Position of Honor in Heaven.42

43.  The Wife of the Lamb.43

44.  Spiritual Reality.44

45.  Are You Seeking the Lord Jesus Christ?45

46.  Are You at Peace?46

47.  The Christian Race – Part 1.47

48.  The Christian Race – Part 2.48

49.  The Christian Race – Part 3.49

50.  The Work of a Deacon.50

51.  The Bride will have the Attitude of a Servant.51

52.  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Part 1.52

53.  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Part 2.53

54.  The Seven Blessings in the Book of Revelation.54

55.  The Door to the Church Members Heart.55

56.  The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.56

57.  Waiting for the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.57

58.  White Robes in Heaven.58

59.  Living for the Lord Jesus Christ.59

60.  White Robes in Heaven.60

61.  White Robes in Heaven.61

62.  The Seventh Trumpet.62

63.  The Seventh Vial of the Wrath of God.63

64.  Tsunami:  1/3 of the Ships in Port are Destroyed.64

65.  Comet hits the Earth:  Wormwood.  Part 1.65

66.  Comet hits the Earth:  Wormwood.  Part 2.66

67.  Comet hits the Earth:  Wormwood.  Part 3.67

68.  The Last Generation.68

69.  A Volcanic Ash Cloud Encircles the Earth.69

70.  The Sixth Trumpet.70

71.  The Seventh Trumpet.71

72.  The Two Inheritances in Heaven.72

73.  Reward of the Inheritance.73

74.  Wedding Garments of White Robes.74

75.  The Bride of Christ comes from the Local New Testament Churches.75

76.  The Over comer is a Disciple.76

77.  The Full Wickedness of Humanity.77

78.  The Wrath of God, after the Rapture.78

79.  Volcanic Fire and Volcanic Bombs.79

80.  Dinoflagellates.80

81.  One Third of Ships in Port are Destroyed by Tsunamis.81

82.  Wormwood: a Falling Star – a Comet.82

83.  Wormwood: a Comet hits the Earth.83

84.  Wormwood: the Comets Chemical Composition.84

85.  Worldwide Volcanic Eruptions.85

86.  Pazuzu: the Ancient Demon.86

87.  A Disciple in the Local New Testament Church.87

88.  Earthquake, Fire and Brimstone.88

89.  Volcanic Eruptions Under the Oceans.89

90.  Volcanic Eruptions Warm the Water in the Oceans.90

91.  The Bride of Christ Wears White Robes.91

92.  A Warning of Future Tribulation.92

93.  White Robes given to the Faithful in the Local New Testament Churches.93

94.  The Crystal Sea before the Throne of God.94

95.  Draw near to God through Worship.95

96.  The Victor’s Crown.96

97.  A Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.97

98.  The Antichrist.98

99.  Body, Soul and Spirit.99

100.  The Two Witnesses.100

Sermons #02 – 101-200

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101.  Will Your Entrance be the Port of Heaven or Hell?101

102.  Spiritual Growth by the Word of God.102

103.  True Believers and False Believers.103

104.  Inheritance in the Kingdom.104

105.  The Word of God is Quick and Powerful.105

106.  A Foolish Heart.106

107.  Worship in the Flesh or in the Spirit.107

108.  The Seven Spirits.108

109.  The Spirit of God Working in Your Life.109

110.  Are You Being Converted?110

111.  A Growing Faith.111

112.  The Two Anointed Ones.112

113.  The Best Example of a Local New Testament Church Member.113

114.  To God be the Glory in the Local New Testament Church.114

115.  The 7th Trumpet Rapture.115

116.  Seeking the Kingdom of God.116

117.  The Gospel of the Kingdom.117

118.  Is Your Salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ:  The Rock!!!118

119.  The Two Witnesses.  Part 1.119

120.  The Two Witnesses.  Part 2.120

121.  Are You a True Believer?121

122.  Truth and Error.122

123.  The Two Witnesses.  Part 3.123

124.  Baptism.124

125.  The Lord’s Supper.125

126.  Investing your Life in the Local New Testament Assembly; Church.126

127.  The Power of God in the Word.127

128.  By His Strips, We are Healed.128

129.  The god of this World.129

130.  Repent or Be Judged.130

131.  Seek those things which are above.131

132.  The Warning of Judgment.132

133.  The Trumpets and the Vials.133

134.  The Days of Noah.134

135.  Repent!!! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand.135

136.  Perfect Love in the Local New Testament Assembly; Church.136

137.  The Kingdom of God.137

138.  Suffer and Serve.138

139.  Smite the Earth with a Curse.139

140.  The Falling away from the Truth.140

141.  Ozone Hole destroyed by Volcanic Eruptions.141

142.  Ash Cloud Encircles the Earth.  Part 1.142

143.  Ash Cloud Encircles the Earth.  Part 2.143

144.  The Year 2,000 Sermon and 4th Trumpet.144

145.  The Final Generation.145

146.  The Bottomless Pit is inside the Earth.146

147.  The Fifth Trumpet.147

148.  Angles and Demons.148

149.  The Sin of Unbelief.149

150.  Ash Cloud Encircles the Earth.150

151.  The Sinful Nature of Humanity.151

152.  The Sixth Trumpet.152

153. The Sixth Trumpet and the Millennial Year Reign.153

154.  The Assyrian Antichrist.154

155.  Ancient Empires.155

156.  The Last World Governments.156

157.  Do You Know the Lord?157

158.  The World Forsakes the Lord.158

159.  God’s Judgment on the Nations.159

160.  Just Obey God.160

161.  Middle East Peace Treaty.161

162.  Called, Chosen and Faithful.162

163.  Empire of the Antichrist.163

164.  Death and Resurrection of the Arab Antichrist.164

165.  The World Governments.165

166. The Scarlet Colored Woman of Revelation.166

167. Ten Islamic Kings.167

168.  The Catholic Religion.168

169.  Seven Ancient Empires.169

170.  Great Earthquake Shakes Israel.170

171.  Battle of Armageddon.171

172.  The Mark of the Beast – 666.172

173.  Babylon the Great.173

174.  Judgment of the Nations.174

175.  Death of the Antichrist.175

176.  Followers of the Antichrist.176

177.  The Power of Satan.177

178.  The Rapture.178

179.  Famine in the Land.179

180.  The 144,000 Jewish Church in Israel.180

181.  The Truth about the Rapture. Part 1.181

182.  The Truth about the Rapture. Part 2.182

183.  The Quickness of the Coming of the Lord.183

184.  The Battle of Armageddon.184

185.  The Rapid Rise of the Antichrist.185

186.  Worship in the Local Assembly – the New Testament Church.186

187.  Worship in Spirit and in Truth.187

188.  Worship in a True Assembly – The Local New Testament Church.188

189.  Restored to Fellowship.189

190.  Sabbath Rest.190

191.  The Word: Rest.191

192.  The Eternal Rest.192

193.  Christ Redeemed Us from the Grave.193

194.  Death and Life.194

195.  The Perfect Sacrifice.195

196.  The Ability to Work for God.196

197.  False Worshipers.197

198.  Are You a Friend of God?198

199.  The Gospel of Christ.199

200. Don’t Return to the Old Life.200

Sermons #03 – 201-300

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201.  The Middle East Antichrist.201

202. Peace and Safety – Then Destruction.202

203.  The Love of God. Part 1.203

The 2nd Part of Sermon #203 is #517…

204.  Are You Spiritually Saved?204

205.  You Must be Born of Water and of Spirit.205

206.  Are You Growing to Spiritual Maturity?206

207.  This Earth Life.207

208.  Are You Seeking the Kingdom of God?208

209.  Will You Wait on God to Work in Your Life?209

210.  The Perfect Sacrifice.210

211.  People Who Worship in Untruth.211

212.  The Bible has no Error.212

213.  The Millennial Reign.213

214.  The Victory of the Cross.214

215.  Eternal Salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.215

216.  Israel in the Great Tribulation Period.216

217.  The 7th Trumpet Rapture.217

218.  God Knows Best.218

219.  Israel is Restored.219

220.  The Christ Child.220

221.  The Poor in Spirit.221

222.  The Vineyard of the Earth.222

223.  Jesus the Messiah.223

224.  People before the Flood.224

225.  Ashes of the Red Heifer.225

226.  The Two Natures of Paul. 226

227.  Spiritual Fruit.227

228.  The Everlasting Gospel.228

229.  Love is not Puffed Up.229

230.  Love does not Behave itself Unseemly.230

231.  The History of the House of God.231

232.  A Sin unto Death.232

233.  Blasphemy Against the Holy Ghost.233

234.  Kings and Priests of God.234

235.  The Catching Out. Part 1.235

236.  The Catching Out. Part 2.236

237.  Heavenly Attire.237

238.  The Fullness of God.238

239.  The Two Rests.239

240.  The Trumpets of God.240

241.  The Book of Life. Part 1.241

242.  The Book of Life. Part 2.242

243.  The Word of Life.243

244.  Spiritual Nourishment.244

245.  Spiritual Fruit of the Heart.245

246.  The Word of God.246

247.  The Book of Life. Part 3.247

248.  The Light of Christ.248

249.  The Judgment Seat of Christ. Part 1.249

250.  The Judgment Seat of Christ. Part 2.250

251.  The Judgment Seat of Christ. Part 3.251

252.  The Judgment Seat of Christ. Part 4.252

253.  Mustard Seed Faith.253

254.  The Spiritual Kingdom.254

255.  End Time Faith.255

256.  Grace and the Law.256

257.  Office of the Great High Priest.257

258.  Producing Spiritual Fruit.258

259.  A Disciple of Christ.259

260.  Do Not Quit Fighting the Battle of Life.260

261.  Saved by the Spirit of God.261

262.  Spiritual Death.262

263.  The Lord’s Supper.263

264.  Trust in God.264

265.  You Must be Born Again.265

266.  Christ’s Blood Covers our Sins.266

267.  God wants to Raise Us as Children.267

268.  Transformation of the Land of Israel.268

269.  The Blood of the Earth.269

270.  The Battle of Armageddon.270

271.  The Jordan River Splits Apart.271

272.  The Earthquake changes the Temple Mount.272

273.  A New Spring Flows from the Temple Mount.273

274.  Living Water in Israel.274

275.  The Geographic changes in the Land of Israel.275

276.  The Free Flowing Jordan River.276

277.  Are You Looking for the Messiah?277

278.  Transformation of the Land of Israel.278

279.  The Sea and Waves Roaring.279

280.  Peoples Heart Failing them for Fear.280

281.  The End of Time.281

282.  God will Punish the Wicked People.282

283.  The Personality of the Antichrist.283

284.  The Dreadful Day of the Lord.284

285.  The Book of Life. Part 1.285

286.  The Book of Life. Part 2.286

287.  Shepherd of the Sheep.287

288.  The Spiritual Rebirth.288

289.  Christ Returns at the 7th Trumpet.289

290.  Antichrist and the False Messiah.290

291.  Mark of the Beast in the Hand and Heart.291

292.  Born Again by the Blood of Christ.292

293.  The Battle of Armageddon.293

294.  Saved by the Blood.294

295.  The Training of a Child.295

296.  Emmanuel – God with Us.296

297.  To God be the Glory.297

298.  Christ’s Eternal Kingdom.298

299.  The Star in the East.299

300.  The Time of Christ’s Visitation.300

Sermons #04 – 301-400

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301.  The Humanity of Jesus.301

302.  Security of the Salvation of the Believer.302

303.  Justified by Faith Alone.303

304.  The Local Assembly – The Local Church &  The Lord’s Supper.304

305.  Accepted in Christ, the Beloved.305

306.  Living for Christ.306

307.  Accepted in Christ, the Beloved.307

308.  God has a plan for Our Life.308

309.  The Word of God is Truth.309

310.  For God so Loved the World.310

311.  The Islamic Empire.311

312.  The Israel Land Grant for the Reign of The Lord Jesus Christ.312

313.  For God so Loved the World.313

314.  The Three Major Faiths from Abraham.314

315.  Singing to God from the Heart.315

316.  Parable of the Sower.316

317.  Sacrifices in the Reign of Christ.317

318.  The Seven Seals of Revelation.318

319.  The Devil is cast into the Bottomless Pit.319

320.  Feasts of Trumpets.320

321.  Times of the Gentiles.321

322.  The Wrath of God.322

323.  After the Wrath of God.323

324.  The Lord’s Supper.324

325.  The Millennial Reign.325

326.  Ten End Time Kings.326

327.  The Time of Jacob’s Trouble.327

328.  The Millennial Age.328

329.  The Refining of Gold and Silver.329

330.  The Testing and Trials of Your Life.330

331.  Feasts of Tabernacles.331

332.  Mt. Zion. Part 1.332

333.  Mt. Zion. Part 2.333

334.  The Last Generation.334

335.  Gathering of the Saved in Heaven.335

336.  The Potters Clay.336

337.  The Lord our Righteousness.337

338.  Great High Priest.338

339.  The Book of Remembrance. Part 1.339

340.  Lake of Fire.340

341.  Being a Disciple.341

342.  Return to the Messiah.342

343.  Jesus is King of the Jews.343

344.  The Blood of Christ covers our Sins.344

345.  Smite the Earth with a Curse.345

346.  Peace in the Lord.346

347.  Our Life is as Dust.347

348.  Good and Evil.348

349.  The 144,000 Jews.349

350.  The Book of Remembrance. Part 2.350

351.  Where is the 3 1/2 Years?351

352.  The Blood Covenant.352

353.  The 490 Years.353

354.  1,335 Days. Part 1.354

355.  1,335 Days. Part 2.355

356.  1,335 Days. Part 3.356

357. 1,335 Days. Part 4.357

358.  Messiah the Prince.358

359.  Just Obey God.359

360.  The Peace Treaty in Israel.360

361.  The 1,185 Days.361

362.  Seventy Weeks of Years.362

363.  The Midst of the Week.363

364.  Messiah the Prince.364

365.  Daniel 9:27.365

366.  Jesus Made an End to Sin.366

367.  Matthew Chapter 24.367

368.  Pestilence.368

369.  Pearl of Great Price.369

370.  The End of the World.370

371.  Volcanic Eruptions.371

372.  Geba to Rimmon.372

373.  Temple Mount Spring.373

374.  Euphrates River.374

375.  The Heavenly City.375

376.  Easter.376

377.  Spiritual Wisdom.377

378.  Volcanic Ash Cloud. Part 1.378

379.  Volcanic Ash Cloud. Part 2.379

380.  Volcanic Ash Cloud. Part 3.380

381.  The Second Advent.381

382.  The Wrath of God.382

383.  Volcanic Ash Cloud. Part 4.383

384.  Volcanic Ash Cloud. Part 5.384

385.  Blood to the Horses Bridle.385

386.  The Millennial Reign. Part 1.386

387.  The Millennial Reign. Part 2.387

388.  Euphrates River is Diverted to the Jordan River.388

389.  The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.389

390.  The Millennial Temple.390

391.  Temple Mount Spring.391

392.  Lord of the Kingdom.392

393.  Heavenly Home.393

394.  A Servant who obeys God.394

395.  Behold I come Quickly.395

396.  Blessed are they that Mourn.396

397.  Blessed are the Meek.397

398.  King of the Kingdom.398

399.  Seeking Jesus from your Heart.399

400.  Spiritual changes in Your Life.400

Sermons #05 – 401-500

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401.  Finding God’s Will.401

402.  Compassion in the Local Church & Lord’s Supper .402

403.  Israel and Syria Peace Treaty.403

404.  Ancient Nations.404

405.  The Jordan River.405

406.  The Land of Israel.406

407.  Abominations of Desolations.407

408.  Lake of Fire.  Part 1.408

409.  Lake of Fire. Part 2.409

410.  The Pope and the Antichrist.410

411.  Roman Catholicism and the Antichrist.411

412.  Mark of the Beast.412

413.  Seven Empires and Ten Kings.413

414.  The 69th Week.414

415.  Destruction of the Ozone Layer.415

416.  666 – Mark of the Beast.416

417.  The Rapture of the Saved.417

418.  The False Prophet.418

419.  Blood to the Horses Bridle.419

420.  The End of the Tribulation Period.420

421.  Fight, Finish and Keep the Faith.421

422.  The Ability to Serve the Lord.422 

423.  Do You Value the Word of God.423

424.  Add to Your Faith.424

425.  The Kingdom of God.425

426.  Parable of the Rich Young Man.426

427.  Lord’s Supper. 427

428.  Be Faithful to the Lord.428

429.  Worship God in Spirit and in Truth.429

430.  Serve the Lord, While You Still have Time.430

431.  The Word “Disciple”.431

432.  The Tree of Life.432

433.  Two Spiritual Kingdoms.433

434.  Serving the Lord.434

435.  White Robes in Heaven.435

436.  Saved by Grace.436

437.  Praise the Name of the Lord.437

438.  The Spiritual Body. Part 1.438

439.  The Spiritual Body. Part 2.439

440.  Serve the Lord in Love.440

441.  Latter Things. Part 1.441

442.  Latter Things. Part 2.442

443.  Latter Things. Part 3.443

444.  Worship God in Spirit and in Truth.444

445.  Be Faithful in Worship of God.445

446.  The Eternal Heavenly City.446

447.  The Kingdom of God.447

448.  Marriage Supper of the Lamb.448

449.  The Eternal Reward.449

450.  The Heavenly Home.450

451.  The Church of God.451

452.  The Sin of Unbelief.452

453.  Will You Live inside the Heavenly City?453

454.  Set apart from the World.454

455.  Being a Disciple.455

456.  Marriage Supper of the Lamb.456

457.  Ability to Serve God.457

458.  Serve God the Best You Can.458

459.  Are You a Servant of God?459

460.  Mercy in the Local Church.460

461.  Running the Christian Race.461

462.  Keep Pressing Forward.462

463.  Exhortation in the Local Church.463

464.  Deacon.464

465.  Rest unto Your Soul.465

466.  The Messiah.466

467.  Wise Men from the East.467

468.  Acceptable Worship.468

469.  Freedom in Christ.469

470.  Does Your Faith have Evidence.470

471.  Letting the Soul Live.471

472.  Victory in God.472

473.  Vowing to God.473

474.  Who is on the Lord’s Side?474

475.  Chief of Sinners.475

476.  Spiritual Adultery.476

477.  Faithful to Christ.477

478.  Marriage Supper of the Lamb.478

479.  The Christian Way of Life.479

480.  Faithful in Church.480

481.  Psalm 59:12. Friend of Sinners.481

482.  The Promised Messiah.482

483.  Time of the Fruit Harvest.483

484.  A Light to the Gentiles.484

485.  Happiness is the Lord.485

486.  The Love of God.486

487.  The Joy Set Before Christ.487

488.  A Spiritual Sacrifice.488

489.  The Glory of the Law.489

490.  The Spirit of Christ.490

491.  A Savior to the Jews and the Gentiles.491

492.  The Law of God.492

493.  The Role of a Servant.493

494.  State of Unhappiness.494

495.  Seeking God.495

496.  Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax.496

497.  Christ Paid the Ransom Price.497

498.  The Law is Like a Teacher.498

499.  Antichrist – Son of Wickedness.449

500.  Holy Hill of Zion.500

Sermons #06 – 501-600

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501.  Raising a Spiritual Child.501

502.  The Lord’s Supper. 502

503.  Humanity is Self-Centered.503

504.  The Millennial Reign.504

505.  Life is Like a Vapor.505

506.  The Plan of Salvation.506

507.  The Second Coming of the Lord.507

508.  The Jewish Passover.508

509.  All Things in this Life Pass Away.509

510.  The Good News – Jesus Saves.510

511.  The Trials of Life.511

512.  The Rest of Salvation.512

513.  Security of the Believer.513

514.  A False Faith.514

515.  The Eternal Rest.515

516.  Fellowship with Christ.516

517. The Love of God. Part 2.517

The 1st Part of the Sermon 517 is #203…

518.  Worship God the Right Way.518

519.  Serve the Lord from the Heart.519

520.  God knows our Heart.520

521.  Feed the Flock of God – The Word.521

522.  The Great High Priest.522

523.  A Famine of the Word of God.523

524.  Milk and Meat of the Gospel.524

525.  Saved by Grace.525

526.  Eariler and Latter Rain.526

528.  Add to Your Faith.528

529.  Be Faithful to the End of Your Life.529

530.  An Oath of Higher Authority.530

531.  Endurance – The Judgment Day.531

532.  The Great High Priest.532

533.  Hope to the End.533

534.  Set Your Affection on Things Above.534

535.  The Prince of the Power of the Air. 535

536.  In the Midst of a Crooked Generation.536

537.  The Promise of God.537

538.  The Trials of Life.538

539.  The Disease of Job.539

540.  What is Man?.540

541.  The Days-Man.541

542.  Judge Others by the Bible.542

543.  An Intercessor to God.543

544.  The Arm of God.544

545.  Security of the Believer.545

546.  A Child of the Devil.546

547.  Give People what they want to Hear, regarding the Preaching of the Word of God. (This Sermon has a silent space in the middle of the tape. It will last for a few minutes, so just click forward and you can continue to listen to the rest of the Sermon.)547

548.  I know My Redeemer Lives.548

549.  The Spiritual Body.549

550.  Our Spiritual Account.550

551.  Everlasting Life.551

552.  Thou shall have No other gods before Me!!!.552

553.  Running the Christian Life.553

554.  The Lord’s Supper. 554

555.  Confidence in God.555 

556.  The Interpreter of God’s Word.556

557.  Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit.557

558.  Do Not Defile the Local Church.558

559.  Wood, Hay and Stubble.559

560.  The Sin of lying  to the Holy Spirit in the Local Church.560

561.  Vessel of Clay.561

562.  The Reshaping of our Life as Clay.562

563.  Transformation of Your Life.563

564.  Be Faithful Until Death.564

565.  The Doctrine of Christ.565

566.  Rest Unto Your Soul.566

567.  The Days-Man – Redeemer.567

658.  Serve God by Faith.568

569.  King of the Kingdom.569

570.  Israel – the Glory of all Nations.570

571.  Seed of Adam.571

572.  The Kingdom City.572

573.  Worship in the Local Church.573

574.  A Fragrance of Sweet Smell.574

575.  Them Dry Bones.575

576.  With Stammering Tongues.576

577.  How well do You Serve the Lord?577

578.  Sign of the Second Coming.578

579.  Battle of Armageddon.579

580.  The Days of Wrath.580

581.  By My Spirit Saith the Lord.581

582.  The Two Witnesses.582

583.  The Heavenly City.583

584.  Christ – The Righteous One.584

585.  The Passion of the Christ.585

586.  Saved by the Blood.586

587.  Saved by Grace.587

588.  Be Saved, Get Baptized, Be Faithful.588

589.  The Spiritual King.589

590. Obey the Lord.590

591.  Are you seeking the Lord?591

592.  We are His Workmanship.592

593.  The Eternal Inheritance.593

594.  City of Jerusalem.594

595.  Christ died for the Unrighteous.595

596.  The Unborn Child of the Womb.596

597.  Baptism.597

598.  The Love of God in the Local Church.598

599.  Saved by Grace.599

600.  Set Free in Christ.600

Sermons #07 – 601-700

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

601  Follow the Lord until Death.601

602.  Unfeigned Love.602

603.  The Millennial Reign.603

604.  Beulah Land.604

605.  Draw close to the Lord.605

606.  The Transition Remnant.606

607.  Worship God Correctly.607

608.  Beginning of the Tribulation Period.608

609.  The New City of Jerusalem.609

610.  Faithful Until Death.610

610a Kingdom of God.610a

611.  The Heavenly City is the Kingdom of God.611

612.  Set Free in Christ.612

613.  Seek the Kingdom of God in Truth.613

614.  You must be Born Again.614

615.  The Battle with the Flesh.615

616.  The Local New Testament Church/Kingdom.616

617.  Paradise Lost.617

618.  Rest unto Your Soul.618

619.  The Local New Testament Church.619

620.  Our Natural Born State.620

621.  Must Worship in Spirit and in Truth.621

622.  The Kingdom Attitude.622

623.  Babes in Christ.623      

624.  Three types of Religious People.624

625.  Where is the Kingdom of God?625

626.  Revive us in the Third Day.626

627.  Melchizedek.627

628.  Keep the Faith.628

629.  Be Faithful to the End of your Life.629

630.  Jesus is our Righteousness.630

631.  Judgment Seat of Christ.631

632.  Correct Baptism.632

633.  Labor of Love.633

634.  Knowledge of God.634

635.  The End of the World.635

636.  The Marriage Supper of the Lamb.636

637.  Kingdom of Light.637

638.  Everlasting Life.638

639.  The Just shall life by Faith.639

640.  Priest of God.640

641.  Holy Priesthood.641

642. The World Economy.642

643.  Spiritual Outer Garment.643

644.  The Ability to Serve God in Heaven.644

645.  Attitude of Self-Righteousness.645

646.  Four Wise Animals.646

647.  Fear Not Little Flock.647

648.  Marriage Supper of the Lamb & The Lord’s Supper.648

649.  The Mystery of the 7th Trumpet Rapture.649

650.  Are You Seeking the Kingdom of God?650

651.  Teach & Preach about the Kingdom of God.651

652.  The Universal Church Hersey.652

653.  Worship the King.653

654.  Spiritual Love.654

655.  Rise and Fall of Israel.655

656.  Are You Seeking the Lord?656

657.  Parable of the Sower.657

658.  Body, Soul and Spirit.658

659.  The Unpardonable Sin.659

660.  A Christian Way of Life.660

661.  Proclaim the Gospel throughout the World.661

662.  Proclaim the Gospel by Your Life.662

663.  Elders, Bishops, Pastors & Deacons.663

664.  Spreading the Gospel.664

665.  The Furtherance of the Gospel.665

666.  Sharing the Gospel.666

667.  A Christ like Attitude.667

668.  Observe the Ordinances Correctly.668

669.  A Christian Life Style.669

670.  Enemies in the Ministry.670

671.  Life of Troubles.671

672.  Do not Bring the World into the Local New Testament Assembly – Church.672

673.  Peace in the Local Church.673

674.  A Changing Attitude.674

675.  Don’t murmur in the Local Church. Part 1.675

676.  Don’t murmur in the Local Church. Part 2.676

677.  Confidence in the Lord.677

678.  Spiritual Growth.678

679.  All things through Christ.679

680.  True and False Believers.680

681.  Getting to know the Lord.681

682.  The Power of His Resurrection.682

683.  Press Forward.683

684.  Spiritual Changes in Your Life.684

685.  Trust the Lord to Solve Your Problems.685

686.  The God of Peace.686

687.  Peace in Life.687

688.  Worship God.688

689.  Worship God Correctly.689

690.  Things that are Just.690

691.  Good Report.691

692.  Run the Race to the Finish.692

693.  Walk in the Spirit.693

694.  The Age of the Earth.694

695.  Satan changed the Life Forms.695

696.  The Great Flood.696

697.  The Creation.697

698.  Love God First.698

699.  The Love of Christ.699

700.  The Tree of Life.700

Sermons #08 – 701-800

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

701.  The Lord’s Supper.701

702.  The Love of God.702

703.  The Last Generation.703

704.  The Last Generation.704

705.  Trumpets 5 and 6.705

706.  The Spiritual Kingdom.706

707.  Pagan Religion.707

708.  Spiritual – Angel.708

709.  Do You Love the Lord?709

710.  Serve the Lord.710

711.  Empire of the Antichrist.711

712.  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.712

713.  Growing in the Faith.713

714.  Your Life as the Gospel.714

715.  2000 Years as a Day.715

716.  Proverbs:  Book of Wisdom.716

717.  Scepter of Righteousness.717

718.  The Christ Child. 718

719.  Sin unto Death.719

720.  Spiritually united in Christ.720

721.  The Ordinances.721

722.  Called, Chosen and Faithful.722

723.  A Better Resurrection.723

724.  Spiritual Separation.724

725.  Judgment Day – Service for Christ.725

726.  40 Weeks of Years.726

727.  40 Weeks of Years.727

728.  Worship God Correctly.728

729.  The Lord’s Supper.729

730.  The Day of the Rapture.730

731.  The Mahdi – The Islamic Antichrist.731

732.  Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs.732

733.  Spiritual Wisdom and Truth.733

734.  Study the Bible to know the Truth.734

735.  Spiritual Understanding.735

736.  The Long Path of Life.736

737.  Good Sayings from God.737

738.  Giving to those in Need.738

739.  A Haughty Attitude.739

740.  A Correct Reply toward Others.740

741.  Desire to do Right.741

742.  Control Your Speech.742

743.  Serve the Lord – Only!!!.743

744.  A Good Influence Upon Others.744

745.  Spiritual Knowledge.745

746.  Teach the Word of God.746

747.  A Spiritual Fool.747

748.  A Just Weight and Balance.748

749.  Human Pride.749

750.  The Coming Kingdom.750

751.  Our Journey through Life.751

752.  Set Free in Christ.752

753.  A Transformation of the Life.753

754.  Be Forgiving toward Others.754

755.  The Millennial Reign.755

756.  The Latter Days.756

757.  Serve God in the Church.757

758.  The Only Sacrifice.758

759.  Trust in the Savior.759

760.  Respect for the Lord.760

761.  The Reign of Jesus Christ.761

762.  After 2,000 Years.762

763.  Work together in the Local Church.763

764.  False Religious Experience.764

765.  The Mercy Seat.765

766.  The Red Hiefier.766

767.  A Personal Sacrifice.767

768.  Bitter Herbs.768

769.  Preach the Gospel.769

770.  Work Together in the Local Church.770

771.  How have you ran the Spiritual Race.771

Also, this Sermon #771 has to deal with a subject about the “Sin of Life.”

It is found in Hebrews 12:  [1] Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, [2] Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Greek word definitions:

1. Lay aside every weight : to put off or aside; to put off from oneself, whatever is prominent, protuberance, bulk, mass, hence, a burden, weight, and encumbrance.

The Greek word also includes the definition of: A tumor.

Neoplasm (from Ancient Greek: νεο- neo- “new” and πλάσμα plasma “formation, creation”), is an abnormal growth of tissue, and when also forming a mass is commonly referred to as a tumor.

1. S welling, one of the cardinal signs of inflammation; morbid enlargement.
2. N eoplasm; a new growth of tissue in which cell multiplication is uncontrolled and progressive.
3. A tumor is a mass of abnormal tissue.
It has been my personal experience, having lived for now for 57 years, that most of the things and people in life are like a tumor…

2. Easily beset: well-planted all-around, describing what is encompassing (encircling), i.e. surrounding, “wholly around”; a serious hindrance that “encircles” (hampers) someone who desperately needs to advance. Easily surrounding, encircling and easily distracted. Well standing around, i.e. (a competitor) thwarting (a racer) in every direction.

Don’t let the “things and people of life” keep you from running forward in the Christian Race.

772.  Worship in Spirit and Truth.772

773.  Eve – The First Mother.773

774.  Give God Praise.774

775.  Thorn in the Flesh.775

776.  Finding Green Pastures.776

777.  This Wicked Generation.777

778.  Can’t Keep the Law.778

779.  Security of the Believer.779

780.  Judgment Day for us all.780

The original tape for Sermon #780 did not work, so I added a Sermon that was on the other side of Sermon #1075. It was in a Series about the Book of John. Sometimes, a tape messes up during recording or gets damaged in the tape player and I simply have filled in the spaces on the numerical list of Sermons on this Website…

781.  All are Sinners.781

782.  Love God, Because He First Love Us.782

783.  Security of the Believer.783

784.  Salvation in Christ.784

785.  Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.785

786.  Love for God.786

787.  The Sacrifice of the Son.787

788.  Keep on Serving the Lord.788

789.  The Sudden Death.789

790.  The Knowledge from the Lord.790

791.  Try to control the Carnal Nature.791

792.  Security of the Believer.792

793.  Those who are False Teachers.793

794.  Set Free to Love God.794

795.  The Feast of Trumpets.795

796.  The Mother of Jesus.796

797.  Souls in Heaven.797

798.  The Terror of the Lord.798

799.  Gathering of the Saints in Heaven.799

800.  The 7th Trumpet.800

Sermons #09 – 801-900

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

801.Watching for the Rapture.801

802.The Day of the Lord.802

803.Preach the Word.803

804.  The Lord’s Supper.804

805.A Call to Worship.805

806.A Journey of Faith.806

807.Wisdom, Discernment and Understanding.807

808.The Shedding of Blood.808

809.The Future of Israel.809

810.Come to Christ as a Child.810

811.All are Sinners.811

812.Come to Christ for Salvation.812

813.False Preachers.813

814.Spiritual Sickness of the Soul.814

815.Reality of Death.815

The Prayer of Jabez is on the beginning section of Sermon #815…

816.Abide in Christ.816

817.Speak the Plain Truth.817

818.The Commandments of God.818

819.The Simplicity in Christ.819

820.The First-Born Offering.820

821.7th Trumpet Rapture.821

822.Security of the Believer.822

823.The Restoration of Israel.823


825.Add to your Faith.825

826.Add to your Faith.826

827.Restored to Fellowship.827

828.  The Lord’s Supper.828

829.Seeking the Kingdom.829

830.  The Lord’s Supper.830

831.Eternal Life.831

832.Living Water.832

833. The Catching out of the Saints.833

834.  The Lord’s Supper.834

835.Living by Faith.835

836.Unclean Lips.836

837.The Judgment Seat.837

838.Love and Good Works.838

839.Don’t abandon the Local Church.839

840.Set Apart to God.840

841.Many Sons to Glory.842

842.Ask, Seek and Knock.842

843.Preach the Word.843

844.The Amount of Faith in your Life.844

845.Find your place in the Local Church.845

846.A Love for the Truth.846

847.Living for the Lord.847

848.The Bride of Christ.848

849.The High Priest.849

850.The Tabernacle.850

851.The Family of God & the Local Church.851

852.Salvation by Grace.852

853.Faithful to the End.853

#853 has a very low volume… You may have to turn your volume control up more!!!

854.A Disciple.854

855.All by the Spirit.855

856.Pray for Spiritual Direction.856

857.  The Antichrist.857

858.  The Second Coming.858

859.  The Faith of Eve.859

860.  Being Converted.860

861.  False Teachers and Preachers.861

862.  A Strong Delusion of False Teaching.862

863.  Age of the Gentiles.863

864.  False Teaching.864

865.  Prayer.865

866.  God knows the Past, Present and Future.866

867.  The Two Witnesses.867

868.  Belief in Jesus Alone to be Saved.868

869.  Living for the Lord.869

870.  A Church History – Deacon.870

871.  Unity in the Church.871

872.  Concern for Others.872

873.  Christ has all Power.873

874.  The Preaching of the Law.874

875.  Labor of Love.875

876.  Trials and Testing.876

877.  Antichrist Army.877

878.  Earthquake destroys the Antichrist.878

879.  David and Goliath.879

880.  Obey the Voice of the Lord.880

881.  We are all Sinners.881

882.  The Sinful Nature.882

883.  Judgment on the Unfaithful.883

884.  Draw Near to God.884

885.  The Promised Future.885

886.  False Sense of Security.886

887.  The Amazing Creation.887

888.  The Hydrological Cycle.888

889.  Total Depravity.889

890.  The Falling away from the Truth.890

891.  It is well with my soul.891

892.  Preach the Truth.892

893.  Spiritual Life.893

894.  Who can be Saved?894

895.  The Angel of the Lord #1.895

896.  The Angel of the Lord #2.896

897.  The Second Coming.897

898.  The Sign of the Second Coming.898

899.  The Passover Lamb.899

900.  Gain is their god.900

Sermons #10 – 901-1000

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

901.  Trust in the Lord for Salvation.901

902.  Living Water.902

903.  The Red Heifer.903

904. The Doors to the Future.904

905.  Creation.905

906. Be Baptized.906

907.  Christ is the Rock.907

908.  Eternal Spiritual Rest.908

910. Building the Church.910

911.  Rubbish in the Church.911

912.  Faithful to the Lord.912

913.  Material and Spiritual Things.913

914.  Examination by God. #1.914

915.  Examination by God. #2.915

916.  Spiritual Growth.916

917.  Endure in the Faith.917

918.  The Charge to the Levites.918

919.  The Two Witnesses.919

920.  Life of Johnathan.920

921.  Worship in the Right Place.921

922.  A prayerful Attitude.922

923.  A Life Lived for Christ.923

924.  Christ’s Love for Israel.924

925.  Mother’s Day Message.925

926.  Search Me O’ God.926

927.  Resurrection Morning.927

928.  Things You Can Know.928

929.  Living by Faith.929

930.  A Changed Life.930

931.  The Promised Seed.931

932.  The Flesh Nature.932

933.  Mary of Bethany.933

935. Praying in the Spirit.935

936.  Psalm 2.936

937.  The Gospel of Peace.937

938.  The Spirit of God in our Life.938

939.  Walking in Darkness.939

940.  Living in Darkness.940

941.  Our Sinful Nature.941

942.  Our Short Life on Earth.942

943.  Unite with the Local Assembly/Church.943

944. Loins of Truth.944

945. Spiritual Adultery.945

946.  Heavenly City.946

947.  Be of Good Cheer.947

948.  Do not be Afraid.948

949.  The Local Church Commission.949

950.  A Transformed Life.950

951.  Knowing the Lord.951

952.  Judgment Seat of Christ.952

953.  Poor in Spirit. #1.953

954.  Poor in Spirit. #2.954

955.  Fellowship with God.955

956.  Luke’s Gospel.956

957. Keep the Ordinances.957

958.  What is Meekness #1?958

959.  What is Meekness #2?959

960.  The Gap Theory/Fact.960

961.  The Bible and Science.961

962.  The Commission of Obedience.962

963.  To God be the Glory in the Local New Testament Assembly which is the Local New Testament Church in modern understanding.963

964.  Spirit of Antichrist.964

965.  Ready to Leave this Life.965

966.  The Great Commission.966

967.  Paper Church Members.967

968.  The Shedding of Blood.968

969.  A Growing Faith.969

970.  Serve God in Love.970

971.  All are Sinners.971

972.  The Antichrist.972

973.  Living by Faith.973 

974.  Total Depravity.974

975.  Wheat and Tares.975

976.  The Devil – The Enemy.976

977.  The Temple – The Local New Testament Assembly/Church.977

978.  Mega Churches.978

979.  The Two Witnesses.979

980.  The Seventh Angel of Revelation.980

981.  Be Separate.981

982.  Study the Scriptures.982

983.  Haven of Rest.983

984.  Rest of Spiritual Security.984

985.  All by the Blood.985

986.  The Prayer of Jabez. Part 1.986

987. The Prayer of  Jabez. Part 2.987

988.  Speak to Christ for Spiritual Water.988

989.  Ancient Empires affect Israel.989

990.  Wait on the Lord to Deliver You.990

991.  Be Ye Separate from the World.991

992.  The Local Visible Assembly/Church.992

993.  The Two Witnesses.993

994.  Parable of the Sower.994

995.  A Growing Faith.995

996.  Don’t Grudge Against the Brethren.996

997.  Take Heed to What You Hear.997

998.  Spiritual Things or Carnal Things.998

999.  Enter the Kingdom of God.999

1000.  The Only Way to Eternal Life.1000

Sermons #11 – 1001-1100

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

1001.  A Light unto the World.1001

1002.  The Heavenly Home.1002

1003.  Lord’s Supper; One Body & One Bread.1003

1004.  The Star at the Birth of Christ.1004

1005.  Birth of the King.1005

1006.  Worship the King.1006

1007.  A Christian Influence.1007

1008.  The Just Shall Live by Faith.1008

1009.  The Eternal Kingdom.1009

1010.  The Land Grant.1010

1011.  Correct Worship.1011

1012.  Kings and Priests.1012

1013.  A Rebellious Human Nature.1013

1014.  Obey the Word of the Lord.1014

1015.  The Promised Seed.1015

1016.  The Promised Seed.1016

1017.  The Promised Seed.1017

1018.  The Promised Seed.1018

1019.  The Only Sacrifice.1019

1020.  Priest and Preacher.1020

1021.  The Kingdom of God.1021

1022.  The Eternal Kingdom.1022

1023.  Spiritual Beauty.1023

1024.  Eternal Security.1024

1025.  Saved by the Blood.1025

1026.  Times of Refreshing.1026

1027.  Obey the Voice of the Lord.1027

1028.  The Lost Tribes of Israel.1028

1029.  The Writing on the Wall.1029

1030.  Honor the Son; the Lord Jesus Christ.1030

1031.  God provided the Sin Covering.1031

1032.  The Returning Messiah.1032

1033.  The Empire of the Arab Antichrist.1033

1034.  The Coming Kingdom.1034

1035.  Working for the Lord.1035

1036.  The Lord’s Assembly/ the Local New Testament Church.1036

1037.  The Pearl of Great Price.1037

1038.  The Wrath of God.1038

1039.  The “Local New Testament Assembly/Church”.1039

1040.  The Sixth Seal.1040

1041.  Volcanic Hail.1041

1042.  The Sinful Nature.1042

1043.  The People Israel.1043

1044.  The 7th Trumpet Rapture.1044

1045.  The Lord’s Kingdom.1045

1046.  A Disciple.1046

1047.  A Spiritual Commitment.1047

1048.  Faith in God.1048

1049.  Spiritual Adultery.1049

1050.  A True Gentle Christian.1050

1051.  Behold the Lamb.1051

1052.  Happiness is in the Lord.1052

1053.  Correct Baptism.1053

1054.  The Curse of the Second Death.1054

1055.  The Light of the World.1055

1056.  The Coming Kingdom.1056

1057.  Serve the Lord.1057

1058.  Hell and the Lake of Fire.1058

1059.  The First 3 1/2 Years and the Last 3 1/2 Years.1059

1060.  The Lord’s Supper.1060

1061.  Great Shaking in the Land of Israel.1061

1062.  Mount Zion.1062

1063.  Peace and Safety.1063

1064.  The Judgment Seat of Christ.1064

1065.  Christ our Righteousness.1065

1066.  The Tradition of Men.1066

1067.  Follow the Lord.1067

1068.  Potter and the Clay.1068

1069.  The Sin unto Death.1069

1070.  Feed My Sheep.1070

1071.  490 Weeks.1071

1072.  Battle of the Flesh.1072

1073.  Our Thoughts and Actions.1073

1074.  Set Free in Christ.1074

1075.  The Gift of Everlasting Life.1075

1076.  The Lord’s Supper.1076

1077.  Fellowship with the Lord.1077

1078.  Looking for the Messiah.1078

1079.  Sharing the Gospel.1079

1080.  God is Just.1080

1081.  Honor the Son.1081

1082.  The Will of the Father.1082

1083.  Be of Good Cheer.1083

1084.  The Honor of God.1084

1085.  The Voice of the 7th Trumpet.1085

1086.  Seeking Spiritual Things.1086

1087.  The Bread of Life.1087

1088.  The Bread of Life.1088

1089.  A Savior.1089

1090.  The Spirit of God in the Temple.1090

1091.  Adultery.1091

1092.  The Light of the World.1092

1093.  Feast of Tabernacles.1093

1094.  Born Blind.1094

1095.  Born Blind.1095

1096.  For the Glory of God.1096

1097.  The Messiah.1097

1098.  The Death of Lazarus.1098

1099.  Mary of Bethany.1099

1100.  Baptism.1100

Sermons #12 – 1101-1200

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

1101.  Proclaiming the Gospel to the World.1101

1102.  Don’t Harden Your Heart.1102

1103.  Can You see the Light?1103

1104.  How do You see Jesus?1104

1105.  Your Attitude toward the Local Assembly, a.k.a. the Local New Testament Assembly/Church.1105

1106.  A Changed Life.1106

1107.  The Lord’s Supper.1107

1108.  Love in the Local Church.1108

1109.  The Image of God in Man.1109

1110.  The Trinity of the Godhead.1110

1111.  Spiritual Fruit.1111

1112.  The Sin of Life.1112

1113.  The Local New Testament Assembly/Church.1113

1114.  The Lord’s Work.1114

1115.  Learning about the Lord.1115

1116.  Keep Learning the Word of God.1116

1117.  Glorify the Son of God.1117

1118.  Seeing the Risen Lord Jesus Christ.1118

1119.  The Lord will take care of the Local Church.1119

1120.  Love and Forgiveness.1120

1121.  The Word of God.1121

1122.  The Process of Conversion.1122

1123.  Followers of Jesus the Messiah.1123

1124.  Follow the Teaching of the Scriptures.1124

1125.  The Light of Spiritual Growth.1125

1126.  Many Dwelling Places in Heaven.1126

1127.  Grow in Spiritual Love.1127

1128.  True Spiritual Love.1128

1129.  Love One Another in the Local Church.1129

1130.  The Man – Christ Jesus.1130

1131.  Position in the Kingdom.1131

1132.  Ten Kings.1132

1133. Seeking the Kingdom.1133

1134.  Mind Your Own Business.1134

1135.  The Rejection of Jesus.1135

1136.  King Jesus.1136

1137.  The Cross and Jesus Christ.1137

1138.  A Good Work for Christ.1138

1139.  Blood of Christ.1139

1140.  Salvation by Grace Alone.1140

1141.  Jesus was a True Flesh and Blood Man.1141

1142.  The Resurrection.1142

1143.  Doubting Thomas.1143

1144.  Stones in the Local Church.1144

1145.  Have You Been Converted?1145

1146.  Stones of Sacrifice.1146

1147.  Serve the Lord while You have Time.1147

1148.  Spiritual Rest #1.1148

1149.  Spiritual Rest #2.1149

1150.  Feed the Flock – The Word of God.1150

1151.  The Spirit of God & the Spiritual Birth.1151

1152.  No Rain before the Flood.1152

1153.  No Rain before the Flood.1153

1154. The Rich and the Kingdom.1154

1155.  Salvation of Souls. 1155

1156.  The Antichrist.1156

1157.  Sons of God – Spiritual Birth.1157

1158.  Last Day Scoffers.1158

1159.  Trust in Jesus.1159

1160.  The Spiritual Works.1160

1161.  The Falling Away.1161

1162.  What is Faith.1162

1163.  The Jewish Nation #1.1163

1164.  The Jewish Nation #2.1164

1165.  Light of the Tabernacle.1165

#1165 Had a low volume during recording. Hopefully it will sound okay online…

1166.  The Unspeakable Gift.1166

#1166 Had a low volume during recording. Hopefully it will sound okay online…

1167.  Giving Your Lift to the Lord.1167

1168.  Mary of Bethany.1168

1169.  Last Day Scoffers #1.1169

1170.  Last Day Scoffers #2.1170

1171.  Worship God.1171

1172.  New Heaven and New Earth.1172

1173.  The Prayers of the Saints.1173

1174.  Great Sinners.1174

1175.  The 490 Years.1175

1176.  Born in Sin. 1176

1177.  Trust in the Redeemer.1177

1178.  The Lord’s Prayer.1178

1179.  Fellowship with the Lord.1179

1180.  Jesus know the Future.1180

1181.  Investing in Spiritual Things.1181

1182.  Warn the Wicked of Judgment.1182

1183.  The Eternal Inheritance.1183

1184.  Search My Heart.1184

1185.  The Lamb that was Slain.1185

1186.  A Growing Faith.1186 

1187. The Father’s House.1187

1188.  Obey and Serve God.1188

1189.  Heavenly Citizenship.1189

1190.  Meekness.1190

1191.  Mourning.1191

1192.  Seeing Afar Off in Heaven.1192

1193.  Antichrist and Three Kings.1193

1194.  Gloom and Doom.1194

1195.  Following the Shepherd.1195

1196.  Living a Christian Life.1196

1197.  The 7th Trumpet & Being Faithful.1197

1198.  Demons.1198

1199.  Earthquakes Faults in Israel.1199

1200.  The Second Coming of the Lord.1200

Sermons #13 – 1201-1300

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

1201.  The Second Coming of the Lord.1201

1202.  The Lawyer.1202

1203.  Walking with God #1.1203

1204.  The Righteousness of God.1204

1205.  Walking with God.1205

1206.  Teach the Truth.1206 

1207.  The Middle East Prophecy.1207

1208.  A Free Will Choice. Part 1.1208

1209.  A Free Will Choice Part 2.1209

1210.  The Place to Worship. #1.1210

1211.  The Place to Worship. #2.1211

1212.  The Grace of God.1212

1213.  A Spiritual Child of God.1213

1214.  God Favors on the Little Church.1214

1215.  Are You Spiritually Lost?1215

1216.  Entrance to the Heavenly City.1216

1217.  Total Depravity.1217

1218.  Save by Grace.1218

1221.  Christmas.1221

1222.  No Other gods before Me!!!1222

1223.  Darkness and Light.1223

1240.  A Restless Soul.1240

1241.  The House of God.1241

1242.  The Human Heart.1242

1243.  The Peace of God.1243

1244.  The Nature of God.1244

1245.  Labor of Love.1245

1246.  The Devil’s Last Days of Earth.1246

1247.  The Goodness of God.1247

1248.  Being Born Again.1248

1249.  Being Born Again.1249

1250.  The Second Death.1250

1251.  More About Jesus.1251

1252.  The Great High Priest.1252

1253.  Author of Eternal Salvation.1253

1254.  The Coming Eternal Home.1254

1255.  Pride.1255

1256.  Water from Shiloh.1256

1257.  Rest for Your Soul.1257

1258.  Spiritual Adultery.1258

1259.  Problems in the Lord’s Work.1259

1260.  Glory to God in Your Life.1260

1261.  Love One Another in the Local Church.1261

1262.  The Joy of Salvation.1262

1263.  The Second Death.1263

1264.  The Perfect Sacrifice.1264

1265.  Labor of Love.1265

1266. Land Grant of Israel.1266

1267. The Sacrifice of Abraham.1267

1268.Your need for Salvation.1268 

1269.  The Bridal Relationship.1269 

1270.  Grumblers in the Local Church.1270

1271.  Baptism.1271 

1272.  Endurance.1272 

1273.  A Humble Attitude.1273 

1274.  Good and Bad Pastors.1274 

1275.  True Church History.1275 

1276.  The Heart of Your Life.1276 

1277.  The Antichrist.1277 

1278.  The Heaven Age.1278 

1279.  A Growing Faith.1279 

1280.  Good Works.1280 

1281.  Our Fathers Business.1281 

1282.  Forgiveness.1282 

1283.  Paper Church Members.1283 

1284.  The Acceptable Year of the Lord.1284

1285.  The End of Time.1285

1286.  Give Glory to God in Your Life.1286 

1287.  Worship God in the Local Church.1287 

1288.  The Coming Millennial Age.1288 

1289.  The Counsel of the Lord.1289 

1290.  Jesus Died for Us All.1290 

1291.  All by the Spirit.1291 

1292.  God’s will for All People to be Saved.1292 

1293.  The Gathering at the Last Trumpet.1293 

1294.  The Love of God #1.1294

1295.  The Love of God #2.1295 

1296.  Catholic and Islam Unite.1296 

1297.  War in Israel.1297 

1298.  Mary of Bethany.1298 

1299.  The Carnal Nature.1299 

1300.  The Effect of God’s Word in Your Life.1300

Sermons #14 – 1301-1400

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

1301.  A Changed Life.1301 

1302.  Unity in the Church.1302 

1303.  A Change in Your Life.1303 

1304.  Ten Arab Countries Attack Israel.1304 

1305.  Set Free in Christ.1305 

1306.  The Word: Hope.1306 

1307.  Hope for the Next Life.1307 

1308.  Lepers’ Faith.1308 

1309.  Christmas Past.1309

1310.  Blind Man Sees.1310

1311.  Ancient Empires.1311

1312.  Mark of the Beast.1312

1313.  Israel:  The Natural Olive Tree.1313

1314.  The Work in the “Lord’s Work”.1314

1315.  End of a Society.1315

1316.  No other gods before GOD!!!.1316

1317.  Church Members Fellowship.1317

1318.  Living by Faith.1318

1319.  Paying Attention to God’s Word.1319

1320.  Preach the Word.1320

1321.  Increase in Love One to Another.1321

1322.  Love in the Local Church.1322

1323.  Working for the Lord.1323

1324.  The Father’s Work.1324

1325.  Covering for our Sins.1325

1326.  The House of God.1326

1327.  Fully Persuaded.1327

1328.  The Word:  Love.1328

1329.  Power of God.1329

Matthew 22: [29] Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.

Mark 12: [24] And Jesus answering said unto them, Do ye not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God?

Luke 9: [43] And they were all amazed at the mighty power of God. But while they wondered every one at all things which Jesus did, he said unto his disciples,

Luke 22: [69] Hereafter shall the Son of man sit on the right hand of the power of God.

Acts 8: [10] To whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God.

Romans 1: [16] For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

I Corinthians 1:[18] For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. [24] But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.

I Corinthians 2: [5] That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

II Corinthians 6: [7] By the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armour of righteousness on the right hand and on the left,

II Corinthians 13: [4] For though he was crucified through weakness, yet he liveth by the power of God. For we also are weak in him, but we shall live with him by the power of God toward you.

II Timothy 1: [8] Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God;

I Peter 1: I Peter 1: [5] Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

1330.  False Prophets.1330

1331.  Relationship with God.1331 

1332.  Change of an Attitude.1332 

1333.  Belief in God – Helmet of Salvation.1333

1334.  The World to Come.1334 

1335.  Ezra the Prophet.1335 

1336.  Daniel’s 70 Years.1336 

1337.  Totally Depravity.1337 

1338.  Joshua’s Rest.1338 

1339.  Learn the Word of God.1339 

1340.  Called, Chosen and Faithful.1340 

1341.  Love Never Fails.1341 

1342.  The Gates of Death.1342 

1343.  Fellowship with God.1343 

1344.  Behold the Lamb.1344

1345.  Correct Worship.1345 

1346.  Rely on God.1346 

1347.  Run the Christian Race.1347 

1348.  The Love of the Lord.1348

1349.  Idols of the Heart.1349

1350.  Christ did all the Work.1350

1351.  The Promised Descendant of David.1351

1352.  The Light within the Saved Soul.1352

1353.  Being Accepted by the Lord.1353

1354.  Looking for Spiritual Things.1354

1355.  The Way, the Truth and the Life.1355

1356.  The Sacrifice of the Son.1356

1357.  The Mercy Seat.1357

1358.  The Bait of Sin.1358

1359.  The Mercy Seat.1359

1360.  Correct Worship.1360

1361.  Spiritual Rest and Peace.1361

1362.  Lord’s Supper.1362

1363.  The Heavenly Future.1363

1364.  Doing the Lord’s Work.1364

1365.  The Spirit is One.1365

1366.  The Law and the Prophets.1366

1367.  The Three Questions.1367

1368.  Wars of Nations.1368

1369.  Daniel’s 70 Weeks.1369

1370.  The Abrahamic Covenant.1370

1371.  Publicans and Sinners.1371

1372.  A Social Gospel.1372

1373.  A True Disciple.1373

1374.  The Local Church is Built on Christ.1374

1375.  Spiritual Fruit.1375

1376.  Being Tested.1376

1377.  A Sound Mind.1377

1378.  Coming of the Kingdom.1378

1379.  Being Accepted in the Local Church.1379

1380.  Running the Race.1380

1381.  Covetousness – Strangers and Pilgrims.1381

1382.  Our Life in the Flesh.1382

1383.  Humble Yourself before God.1383

1384.  Parable of the Sower.1384

1385.  Mother’s Day Message.1385

1386.  Love for the Brethren.1386

1387.  Amazing Grace.1387

1388.  Just Preach the Good Stuff.1388

1389.  Oil and the Holy Spirit.1389

1390  The Devil’s Seed.1390

1391.  End Time Events.1391

1392.  The Near Future.1392

1393.  The 7 Trumpets of Revelation.1393

1394.  The Arab Jihad.1394

1395.  The 2nd Advent.1395

1396.  The 2nd Advent.1396

1397.  Life is a Vapor.1397

1398.  The Everlasting Gospel.1398

1399.  The Tribulation Gospel.1399

1400. The Curse of the Law.1400

Sermons #15 – 1401-1500

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

1401. Earth Cycle of Disasters.1401

1402.  The Local Church.1402

1403.  The Local Church.1403

1404.  False Churches.1404

1405.  False Churches.1405

1406.  The Correct Sacrifice.1406

1407.  The Millennial Reign.1407

1408.  Servant of God.1408

1409.  The Local Church.1409

1410.  The Curse of the Law.1410

1411.  The Great I AM.1411

1412.  Walk in the Spirit.1412

1413.  The 7th Trumpet.1413

1414.  King of the Jews.1414

1415.  God Given Talents.1415

1416.  The 2nd Advent.1416

1417.  All Are Sinners.1417

1418.  Age of the Gentiles.1418

1419.  Thy Wrath is Come.1419

1420.  Dry Bones of Israel as a Nation.1420

1421.  The Wind of an Army Attack in Israel.1421

1422.  The Time of Jacob’s Trouble.1422

1423.  Rebuilding the Millennial Earth.1423

1424.  The Apostles.1424

1425.  The Sabbath Day.1425

1426.  The Law and Sin.1426

1427.  The First Hersey.1427

1428.  The Law and Punishment.1428

1429.  Works and Faith.1429

1430.  God’s Love in an Eternal Salvation.1430

1431.  God’s Love in an Eternal Salvation.1431

1432.  The Curse of the Law.1432

1433.  Amazing Grace.1433

1434.  A Servant of Christ.1434

1435.  A Slave to the Lord in a Body.1435

1436.  An Apostle.1436

1437.  Set Free by the Blood of the Redeemer.1437

1438.  Peace Toward Others.1438

1439.  Bought with a Price.1439

1440.  The Work of the Church.1440

1441.  The Father’s Business.1441

1442.  Crowns of Glory/A Good Report.1442

1443.  Spiritual Growth.1443

1444.  Serve the Lord in the Spirit.1444

1445.  Watch and Pray.1445

1446.  Accept What the Lord Gives You.1446

1447.  Christ the Man.1447

1448.  The Great Tribulation Period.1448

1449.  The Power of the Resurrection.1449

1450.  Blessings from God.1450

1451.  Seeking God and the Heavenly City.1451

1452.  Do You Deny the Lord.1452

1453.  The God of Peace.1453

1454.  Faith in the Gospel.1454

1455.  Use Your Ability to Serve the Lord.1455

1456.  All by Grace.1456

1457.  A Living Faith.1457

1458.  Walk in the Love of God.1458

1459.  Living by Faith.1459

1460.  Grounded in Love.1460

1461. A Blood Sacrifice.1461

1462.  Don’t Forsake the Local Church.1462

1463.  The Faith of Abraham.1463

1464.  Time and Seasons of the 2nd Coming.1464

1465.  Live by Faith by a Full Knowledge.1465

1466.  Don’t forsake the Local Assembly.1466

1467.  The Heavenly City.1467

1468.  The Heavenly City.1468

1469.  The Tree of Life.1469

1470.  Repent or Perish.1470

1471.  Call Upon the Name of the Lord.1471

1472.  Christ in Us.1472

1473. Our Life is as a Shadow.1473

1474.  Daniel 9:27.1474

1475.  Witness for Christ.1475

1476. Unjust Judge.1476

1477. Tribulation Period.1477

1478. Fire from Heaven.1478

1479. The Middle East War.1479

1480. Worldwide Earthquakes.1480

1481. Tribulation Period in Israel.1481

1482.. The Tribulation Wrath.1482

1483. The Christian Life.1483

1484. The Universal Church Hersey.1484

1485. Learn the Word of God.1485

1486. The Faith.1486

1487. Baptism.1487

1488. Amazing Love of God.1488

1489. The Next Life.1489

1490. Day of Redemption.1490

1491. Citizenship in Heaven.1491

1492. Scribes and Pharisees.1492

1493. A True Christian.1493

1494. A Spiritual Commitment.1494

1495. A Prayer for the People.1495

1496. All are Sinners.1496

1497. A Falling Away.1497

1498. The House of God – Part 1.1498

1499. The House of God – Part 2.1499

1500. The House of God – Part 3.1500

Sermons #16 – 1501-1600

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

1501. The House of God – Part 4.1501

1502. Learning the Word of God.1502

1503. Keeping the Word of God.1503

1504. The Trail of Blood #1 – The Catholic Hersey.1504

1505. The Trail of Blood #2 – The Doctrine of Salvation.1505

1506. The Trail of Blood #3 – Baptist Churches.1506

1507. The Trail of Blood #4 – The Local Church.1507

1508. The Trail of Blood #5 – The Early Local Church.1508

1509. The Trail of Blood #6 – The Fleshly Heretical Church.1509

1510. The Trail of Blood #7 – Many Corrupt Churches.1510

1511. The Trail of Blood #8 – Ungodly Religious Men.1511

1512. The Trail of Blood #9 – Many False Churches.1512

1513. The Trail of Blood #10 – The Faith to the Local Churches.1513

1514. The Trail of Blood #11 – The Universal Church Hersey.1514

1515. The Trail of Blood #12 – The Evangelical Movement.1515

1516. The Trail of Blood #13 – Evangelism.1516

1517. The Trail of Blood #14 – The Office of a Deacon.1517

1518. The Trail of Blood #15 – Don’t Change Worship of God.1518

1519. The Trail of Blood #16 – Blood Doctrine.1519

1520. The Trail of Blood #17 – False Churches.1520

1521. The Trail of Blood #18 – Roman Catholic Hersey.1521

1522.  The Trail of Blood #19 – The Volcanic Burning of Rome, Italy.1522

1523.  The Sin of Spiritual Adultery.1523

1524.  Judgment of the Vatican City.1524

1525.  Tribulation Period.1525

1526. Shepherd of Life.1526

1527. Feed the Sheep.1527

1528. Spiritual Waters.1528

1529. Salvation of the Soul.1529

1530. Valley of Darkness.1530

1531. Millennial Kingdom.1531

1532. Being Fat in Religion.1532

1533. Spiritual Blessings.1533

1534. Nature of the Soul.1534

1535. The Local Church.1535

1536. Trust in God & Not in People.1536

1537. Refuge & Strength.1537

1538. Today, Yesterday and Forever.1538

1539. The Plenty of Sin.1539

1540. Being Faithful.1540

1541. The Unprofitable Servant.1541

1542. Our Refuge & Strength.1542

1543. Geological Tribulation.1543

1544. Dainties.1544

1545. The Millennial Spring.1545

1546. The Millennial Spring.1546

1547. The Cup of Suffering.1547

1548. The Millennial Reign.1548

1549. Spiritual Food.1549

1550. A Growing Faith in God.1550

1551. A Growing Trust in God.1551

1552. The Millennial Reign Life.1552

1553. Once Saved; Always Saved.1553

1554. Wait on the Lord.1554

1555. My Brethren of the Faith.1555

1556. Doctrine of the Faith.1556

1557. Hope in Christ.1557

1558. The Cross of Christ.1558

1559. Jesus Came to Save Sinners.1559

1560. Be Faithful to the End of Your Life.1560

1561.Come out of Hiding.1561

1562.A Great God.1562



1565.False Religion.1565

1566.Blood of Righteousness.1566

1567.The Law of God.1567

1568.False Churches.1568

1569.Back to Basics.1569

1570.The Burning of Great Darkness.1570

1571.False Doctrine.1571

1572.Blood of Christ.1572

1573.Lord’s Supper.1573

1574.Correct Worship.1574

1575.The Blood Covenant.1575

1576.The Promised Seed.1576

1577.Parable of the Sower.1577

1578.Heavenly Attire #1.1578

1579.Heavenly Attire #2.1579

1580.Heavenly Attire #3.1580

1581.Heavenly Attire #4.1581

1582.Heavenly Attire #5.1582

1583.Heavenly Attire #6.1583

1584.Heavenly Attire #7.1584

1585.God’s Glory Servant.1585

1586.Be a God Called Pastor.1586

1587.The Local Call Out Church.1587

1588.A Savior.1588

1589.The Light of God.1589

1590.The Messiah Sacrifice.1590

1591.One Day at a Time.1591

1592.A Servant of God.1592

1593.All are Born Sinners.1593

1594.Those who Resist the Lord.1594

1595.The Local Church.1595

1596.A Blood Covering.1596

1597.King over all the Earth.1597

1598.The Fullness of God.1598

1599.Blood of Christ.1599

1600.Salvation to Everyone.1600


1601. The Millennial Reign Joy!!!1601

1602. Preparing for the Heaven Age.1602

1603. The Kingdom City.1603

The following 18 Sermons #1604-1621 are part of a Series known as the Remnant of Israel:

1604. White Robes in Heaven.1604

1605. Great Tribulation through the Ages.1605

1606. Millennial Reign.1606

1607. The Negev Wilderness.1607

1608. The Coming of Christ.1608

1609. Great Tribulation Period.1609

1610. Antichrist Attacks Israel.1610

1611. Destruction of Antichrist.1611

1612. The Kingdom of Christ.1612

1613. The Assyrian Antichrist.1613

1614. The Temple Mount Spring.1614

1615. The Millennial Temple.1615

1616. The Royal Land Grant.1616

1617. Ark of the Covenant.1617

1618. Everlasting Gospel.1618

1619. Resurrection of the Dead.1619

1620. A Church in Israel.1620

1621. The Antichrist Army.1621

1622.Geological Changes in Israel Part 1.1622

1623.Geological Changes in Israel Part 2.1623

1624.Give God the Glory.1624

1625.The Coming of the Son of Man.1625

1626.The Promise of God.1626

1627.The Latter Days.1627

1628.Demon Possession.1628

1629.Unprofitable Servant.1629

1630.Back Sliders.1630

1631.Nation Against Nation.1631

1632.Famine in the World.1632

1633.Earthquakes in the World.1633

1634.Pestilences the End Times.1634

1635.The Spiritual Report.1635

1636.Jesus is the Isaiah Report.1636

1637.Chapter 6 of Revelation.1637

1638.Beginning of Sorrows.1638

1639.Future Persecution.1639

1640.The Goodness of God.1640

1641.White Robes in Heaven.1641

1642.A Godly Life.1642

1643.Heavenly Garments.1643

1644.Special Robes.1644

1645.Holy Robes.1645

1646.Robes in Heaven.1646

1647.The Over-Comer.1647

1648.Saved by the Spirit.1648

1649.Know Thy Self.1649

1650.Don’t Depart the Faith.1650

1651.Are You Being Converted?1651

1652.Responding to the Spirit.1652

1653.Growing in the Faith.1653

1654.This Life is Very Short.1654

1655.Antichrist the Revelation Beast.1655

1656.Saved by Grace through Faith.1656

1657.Following the Holy Spirit.1657

1658.Pie in the Sky Preaching.1658

1659.Spiritual Light.1659

1660.The Over-Comer in Revelation.1660

1661.Spiritual Welfare of Others.1661

1662.The Two Witnesses.1662

1663.A Good Marriage.1663

1664.Robes of Righteousness.1664

1665.Being an Over-Comer.1665

1666.Gospel of the Kingdom.1666

1667.God’s Purpose on the Earth.1667

1668.Walking in the Spirit.1668

1669.Not Needed Servant.1669

1670.Confidence in God.1670

1671.Asking, Seeking and Knocking.1671

1672.Lord’s Supper.1672

1673.Ezekiel 37 to 38 Part 1.1673

1674.Ezekiel 37 to 38 Part 2.1674

1675.The Conditional Covenant.1675

1676.Desolation in Jerusalem.1676

1677.Deadly Sins Part 1.1677

1678.Deadly Sins Part 2.1678

1679.Deadly Sins Part 3.1679

1680.Deadly Sins Part 4.1680

1681.Deadly Sins Part 5.1681


1683.Forgiving Others.1683

1684.Personal Happiness.1684

1685.King Cyrus of Persia.1685

1686.Accepted in Christ.1686

1687.Gospel of Salvation.1687

1688.Shadow of His Wings.1688

1689.Seeking God in Worship.1689

1690.Stay in Church.1690

1691.One Man was to Die.1691

1692.Repent or Perish.1692

1693.Doing God’s Work.1693

1694.Follow the Word of God.1694

1695.Doing Things the Lord’s Way.1695

1696.The Son as the Sacrifice.1696

1697.Trusting Jesus and Repent.1697

1698.Some Will Not Repent.1698

1699.Sinners to Repentance.1699

1700.Only One is Righteous.1700

Hope you enjoy the Sermons…….

Sermons #18 – 1701-1800

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

1701.Killing the Prophets.1701

1702.Spend Time in Prayer.1702

1703.The Son of God-the Man.1703

1704.Carried out Sins Away.1704

1705.Honor the Son.1705

1706.The Son Gave His Life.1706

The following Sermons from 1707 – 1741 were added on February 14, 2020…

1707.The Joy Set before Jesus.1707

1708.The Altar of the Tabernacle.1708

1709.Grace Abilities in the Local Church.1709

1710.Mercy in the Local Church.1710

1711.Ruler in the Local Church.1711

1712.Ruler in the Local Church.1712

1713.The Exhorter in the Local Church.1713

1714.The Serving Ministry.1714

1715.Abilities of the Exhorter.1715

1716.Teach the Word Correctly.1716

1717.A Disciple of Christ.1717

1718.Worthy of the Calling.1718

1719.The Smallest of Sacrifices.1719

1720.Light of the Gospel.1720

1721.A Preparing Self for Eternity.1721

1722.Come to God for Salvation.1722

1723.Called & Chosen in Eternity.1723

1724.The Working of the Spirit.1724

1725.Seeing the Face of the Lord.1725

1726.Good Hope and Bad Hope.1726

1727.Hope of Eternal Life.1727

1728.The Good Grace of God.1728

1729.True Faith in God.1729

1730.The Mind of Christ.1730

1731.Christ is the Savior.1731

1732.Millennial Sacrifices #1.1732

1733.Millennial Sacrifices #2.1733

1734.Millennial Sacrifices #3.1734

1735.Millennial Sacrifices #4.1735

1736.Daniel’s 70 Weeks – Introduction.1736

1737.Messiah the Prince.1737

1738.All Israel shall be Saved.1738

1739.First of the Week Position.1739

1740.Messiah the Prince.1740

1741.Destruction of the Temple.1741

The following Sermons 1742-1784 were added on March 28, 2020:

1742.The Last Days.1742

1743.The Blood Covenant.1743

1744.The Everlasting Covenant.1744

1745.1st of the Week Rapture Position.1745

1746.Messiah of the Covenant.1746

1747.Destruction of the Temple.1747

1748.The Family of God.1748

1749.The Covenant of Blood.1749

1750.Priests Cheating the People.1750

1751.Daniel’s 70 Weeks.1751

1752.Messiah the Prince.1752

1753.70 Weeks of Years.1753

1754.The Last 1,335 Days.1754

1755.The Covenant of Abraham.1755

1756.70 Week Covenant.1756

1757.Antichrist Tent in Jerusalem.1757

1758.Sacrifice of Christ.1758

1759.The Right & Wrong Sacrifice.1759

1760.Message of the Covenant.1760

1761.Worship God in Spirit  & Truth.1761

1762.Plan of Salvation.1762

1763.Salvation of Repentance.1763

1764.A Helpless Condition.1764

1765.Singing Praises to God.1765

1766.The Covenant to the Chosen People.1766

1767.The Last Days of the Covenant.1767

1768.Beginning of the Tribulation Period.1768

1769.The Plan of the Gospel.1769

1770.God Loves Us.1770

1771.Covenant of Israel to the Local Church.1771

1772.Everything Counts toward the Lord.1772

1773.Think about Eternal Things.1773

1774.Old and New Covenant.1774

1775.From Dan to Beersheba.1775

1776.The Promise Seed for Salvation.1776

1777.First and Second Adam.1777

1778.Salvation thru the Ages.1778

1779.A Complete Salvation.1779

1780.A Religion of Worship.1780

1781.Eternal Life in the Lord.1781

1782.Kingdom of God.1782

1783.Jerusalem taken Captive.1783

1784.Eternal Security.1784

1785.Keep Fighting the Battle of Life.1785

1786.Spiritual Fruit.1786

1787.Fruit to Maturity.1787

1788.Adding to Your Faith.1788

1789.Love of Money.1789

1790.Keeping the Commandments.1790

1791.The House of God.1791

1792.Serve the Lord.1792

1793.Be Obedient.1793

1794.Serving the Lord.1794

1795.The Lord said unto My Lord.1795

…..Hope these Sermons are a Blessing to your Life…


Sermons #20 – 1901-2000

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

1999.  The Heavenly Mount Zion.1999

2000.  The Life We Live.2000

Sermons #21 – 2001-2100

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

2001.  The 7th Trumpet Rapture.2001

2002.  Destruction of Rome, Italy and the Vatican City.2002

2003.  The Bride of Christ comes from the Local Churches.2003

2004.  The Preaching and Teaching of the Word of God.2004

2005.  The Islamic Antichrist.2005

2006.  A Conversion of the Soul.2006

2007.  Great Joy.2007

2008.  The 7th Kingdom.2008

2009.  The Second Advent.2009

2010.  The Islamic Caliphate.2010

2011.  The Millennial Reign.2011

2012.  The Gap Theory.2012

2013.  Just Believe God.2013

2014.  Appointment with Death.2014

2015.  Are You being Converted?2015

2016.  The Gentile Age.2016

2017.  The 7th Trumpet.2017

2018.  Desire to Learn God’s Word.2018

2019.  Alpha and Omega.2019

2020.  Child Like Faith.2020

2021.  Get in the Right Ship.2021

2022.  Learn how to Worship.2022

2023.  Light of the World.2023

2024.  Age of the Gentile.2024

2025.  A Change of the Heart.2025

2026.  Office of the Godhead.2026

2027.  Being Converted.2027

2028.  The Wrath to Come.2028

2029.  Israel in the Wilderness.2029

2030.  The Faith.2030

2031.  Now to Armageddon – Part 1.2031

2032.  Now to Armageddon – Part 2.2032

2033.  Now to Armageddon – Part 3.2033

2034.  Now to Armageddon – Part 4.2034

2035.  Exposition of the Book of Revelation – Part 1.2035

2036.  Exposition of the Book of Revelation – Part 2.2036

2037.  Exposition of the Book of Revelation – Part 3.2037

2038.  Exposition of the Book of Revelation – Part 4.2038

2039.  Exposition of the Book of Revelation – Part 5.2039

2040.  Exposition of the Book of Revelation – Part 6.2040

2041.  Exposition of the Book of Revelation – Part 7.2041

2042.  Exposition of the Book of Revelation – Part 8.2042

2043.  Tribulation Trials.2043

2044.  Ask the Lord for Spiritual Understanding.2044

2045.  The Antichrist.2045

2046.  Last Days Mysteries.2046

2047.  Teach all Nations – Part 1.2047

2048.  Teach all Nations – Part 2.2048

2049.  The Seven Thunders.2049

2050.  The Word:  Charity.2050

2051.  The Counselor.2051

Isaiah 9: [6] For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller , The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. [7] Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.

2052.  The Light of the World.2052

2053.  The sin of Canaan.2053

2054.  The Race of Humanity.2054

2055.  God in Heaven.2055       

2056.  God of Eternity.2056

2057.  Eternal City of the Faithful.2057

2058.  The Soul.2058

3059.  All Power in Heaven & Earth.2059

2060.  All Power in Heaven & Earth.2060

2061.  End Time Prophecies of Daniel.2061

2062.  End Time Prophecies of Daniel.2062

2063.  Eternal Salvation in Jesus Christ.2063

2064.  The Be-Attitudes.2064

2065.  Know Thyself – Be-Attitudes.2065

2066.  Learning how to Study the Scriptures.2066

2067.  The Last 1,335 Days – Daniel’s Lot or Inheritance.2067

2068.  Don’t be afraid of the Future.2068

2069.  God in Heaven.2069

2070.  The Meek shall Inherit the Earth.2070

2071.  The Ancient of Days.2071

2072.  The Ancient of Days.2072

2073.  Meek and Quiet Spirit.2073

2074.  The Antichrist is Coming. Part 1.2074

2075.  The Antichrist is Coming. Part 2.2075

2076.  The Book of Isaiah.2076

2077.  The Antichrist is Coming. Part 3.2077

2078.  Last Day Scoffers.2078

2079.  Circumspectly – Ephesians 5:15-17.2079

See then that ye walk circumspectly , not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.
Ephesians 5:15-17.

Circumspectly: Greek word: ἀκριβῶς 199. Akribós. #199 akribṓs (from akribes, “the high point, extreme,” see #195/akríbeia, “highly accurate”) – properly, extremely accurate, very exact; “more (very) accurate” because researched down to the finest detail (“factually precise”).

This root (akrib-) refers to gaining exact information with the highest level of accuracy (“exactness”) and is acquired by probing investigation to provide a comprehensive circumspect (precise) view in strict adherence to the facts.

[“The verb is formed from akros, ‘at the point’ or ‘end.’ The idea is, therefore, he ‘ascertained to the last point’; denoting the exactness of the information rather than the diligence of the search for it” (WS, 21).]


Redeeming: Greek word: ἐξαγοράζω #1805 eksagorázō (from 1537 /ek, “completely out from” which intensifies #59 /agorázō, “buy-up at the marketplace”) – properly, take full advantage of, seizing a buying-opportunity, i.e. making the most of the present opportunity (recognizing its future gain).


2080.  The End of this Age is Near.2080

2081.  The Great White Throne.2081

2082.  The Book of Life.2082

2083.  Knowledge shall be Increased.2083

2084.  Have Patience in the Christian Work.2084

2085.  Middle East Tribulation.2085

2086.  Make sure You Believe the Truth.2086

2087.  The Gospel in Israel.2087

2088.  The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.2088

2089.  The Lord’s Supper.2089

2090.  The Trial of Your Faith.2090

2091.  Time & The Ancient of Days.2091

2092.  The Rapture at the 7th Trumpet.2092

2093.  What does Jesus Like?2093

2094.  The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.2094

2095.  The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.2095

2096.  Vexed by the witchcraft in a belief in the loss of salvation.2096

2097.  The Ashes of the Red Heifer.2097

2098.  The Future Jewish Holocaust.2098

2099.  Ashes of the Red Heifer.2099

2100.  The Ordinances.2100

Sermons #22 – 2101-2200

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

2101.  Ashes of the Red Heifer.2101

2102.  The 7th Trumpet Rapture.2102

2103.  Getting to Know the Lord.2103

2104.  The Domain of the Millennial Reign.2104

2105.  The Wrath of God – Vials of Wrath.2105

2106.  Only God is Good.2106

2107.  Exposition of Revelation #1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ.2107

2108.  Exposition of Revelation #2 The Church at Ephesus.2108

2109.  Exposition of Revelation #3 The Church at Smyrna .2109       

2110.  Exposition of Revelation #4 The Church at Thyatira .2110

2111.  Exposition of Revelation #5 The Church at Sardis .2111

2112.  Exposition of Revelation #6 The Church at Philadelphia .2112

2113.  Exposition of Revelation #7 Teaching the Bible .2113

2114.  Exposition of Revelation #8 The Church of the Laodiceans .2114

2115.  Exposition of Revelation #9 The Seven Spirits of God .2115

2116.  Exposition of Revelation #10 The Book of Creation .2116

2117.  Exposition of Revelation #11 The Truth of the Word of God .2117

2118.  Exposition of Revelation #12 Volcanoes .2118

2119.  Exposition of Revelation #13 The Comet named: Wormwood .2119

2120.  Exposition of Revelation #14 Little Book of Revelation .2120

2121.  Exposition of Revelation #15 The Seven Thunders .2121

2122.  Exposition of Revelation #16 Demons .2122

2123.  Armageddon #1 The Rapture.2123

2124.  Armageddon #2 Peace in Israel.2124  

2125.  Armageddon #3 Islamic Caliphate.2125  

2126.  Armageddon #4 The 6th Seal.2126  

2127.  Armageddon #5 Land of Antichrist.2127  

2128.  Armageddon #6 The 7th Trumpet.2128  

2129.  Armageddon #7 The Comet named: Wormwood.2129

2130   Armageddon #8 The Millennial Reign.2130  

2131.  Armageddon #9 The Last Generation.2131

2132.  Armageddon #10 The Blood Sacrifice.2132

2133.  Prophecy #1 The Trumpets and Vials.2133

2134.  Prophecy #2 The Last Days.2134

2135.  Prophecy #3 The Last Days.2135  

2136.  Prophecy #4 Peace and Holiness.2136

2137.  Prophecy #5 Greatest in the Kingdom.2137  

2138.  Prophecy #6 Being Converted.2138

2139.  Prophecy #7 Being Converted.2139  

2140.  Prophecy #8 Being A Pastor.2140

2141.  Prophecy #9 Be Watchful.2141  

2142.  Prophecy #10 The City of the Lord.2142

2143.  Prophecy #11 Serving the Lord.2143  

2144.  Prophecy #12 Islamic Caliphate.2144

2145.  Prophecy #13 Getting ready for the Tribulation Period.2145

2146.  Bible Analysis of Worship 1.2146

2147.  Bible Analysis of Worship 2.2147

2148.  Endurance – Keep serving the Lord as long as you live.2148

2149.  Growing Up to Spiritual Maturity.2149

2150.  The New Testament Local/Church Series 1.2150

2151.  The New Testament Local/Church Series 2.2151

2152.  The New Testament Local/Church Series 3.2152

Numbers 2153 & 2154 are from the same Sermon. I thought it was finished in the middle, because the volume was very low, so I stopped it. Then restarted it onto another mp3…

2153.  The New Testament Local/Church Series.4a2153

2154.  The New Testament Local/Church Series.4b2154

2155.  The Assyrian Antichrist.2155

2156.  Knowledge of the Truth.2156

2157.  Obey the Leaders of the Past.2157

2158.  Being Converted.2158

2159.  Getting Ready for Judgement Day.2159

2160.  The Book of Life.2160

2161.  Love for the Word of God.2161

2162,  Don’t Harden Your Heart.2162

2163.  The Millennial City.2163

2164. Being Converted.2164

2165.  The Millennial Reign Life.2165

2166.  Weeping at Judgment Day.2166

2167.  Jesus the Messiah.2167

2168.  A Messenger of Darkness.2168

2169.  False Doctrine in Roman Catholicism.2169

2170.  Rebellion in the Church.2170

2171.  Events in Israel at the Last Times.2171

2172.  Ten Kings of Antichrist.2172

2173.  Called, Chosen and Faithful.2173

2174.  Being an Over-comer.2174

2175.  A Spiritual Journey.2175

2176.  Being Converted in Life.2176

2177.  Reward of the Inheritance.2177

2178.  Israel Returns to the Lord.2178

2179.  Worship God Correctly.2179

2180.  Knowing the Fear of the Lord.2180

2181.  Who will Live Inside and Outside the Heavenly City.2181

2182.  Increase in Knowledge.2182

2183.  Preach the Gospel.2183

2184.  Running the Christian Race.2184

2185.  Potter and the Clay.2185

2186.  Spiritual Warfare.2186

2187.  Middle East War.2187

2188.  Spiritual Maturity.2188

2189.  Endure in the Faith.2189

2190.  Reward in Heaven.2190

2191.  Espoused and Spiritual  Marriage.2191

2192.  Graveyard of the Antichrist.2192

2193.  Parable of the Sower.2193

2194.  Learning to be Thankful.2194

2195.  Worship God while you have time.2195

2196.  Peace with God.2196

2197. Light of the World.2197

2198.  The Kingdom of God.2198

2199.  Fellowship with the Local Church.2199

2200.  Getting to know the Lord.2200

Sermons #23 – 2201-2300

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

2201.  End Times.2201

2202.  The Spiritual Kingdom.2202 

2203.  Don’t Forsake Correct Worship.2203

2204.  The Light of the World.2204

2205.  Don’t be Afraid.2205

2206.  God’s Righteousness.2206

2207.  Finding Rest unto Your Soul.2207

2208.  The Islamic Antichrist.2208

2209.  Times and Seasons of The Lord’s Return. 2209

2210.  Teaching the Word of God to people. 2210

2211.  A New Commandment of Spiritual Love. 2211

2212.  The Destruction of Rome, Italy.2212

2213.  Learning to  Serve the Lord.2213

2214.  The Heavenly City.2214

2215. A Christian Over-comer.2215

2216.  Attack of Israel.2216

2217.  Spiritual Rest by Following the Lord.2217

2218.  Christ is the Solid Rock.2218

2219.  Getting Ready for Eternity.2219

2220.  The Lord’s Supper.2220 

2221.  Serve God or Mammon.2221 

2222.  The Tribulation Period.2222

2223.  All Power Belongs to Jesus Christ.2223 

2224.  The Next Life.2224

2225.  Tracing Church History.2225 

2226.  The Rock of the Word of God.2226

2227.  A Journey through Life.2227

2228.  The Light of the Word.2228

2229.  Will You Enter the Heavenly City.2229

2230.  Doing God’s Will in Your Life.2230

2231.  The Coming Tribulation Period.2231

2232.  The Middle East War.2232

2233.  The Resurrection of Christ.2233

2234.  Israel Attacks Antichrist.2234

2235.  A Bond Slave of Christ.2235

2236.  Entrance into the Kingdom.2236

2237.  The Over – Comer.2237

2238.  The Great Commandment.2238

2239.  Will the Jerusalem Temple be Rebuilt.2239

2240.  The Kingdom City.2240

2241.  The Rapture Question???2241

2242.  The Command Post of the Antichrist.2242

2243.  The Over – Comer.2243

2244.  A New Name in Heaven.2244

2245.  Being Converted after Salvation.2245

2246.  She Made Herself Ready.2246

2247.  The Antichrist #1.2247

2248.  The Antichrist #2.2248

2249.  The Antichrist #3.2249

2250.  The Antichrist #4.2250

2251.  Heavenly Life.2251

2252.  Being Converted.2252

2253.  Don’t Forsake God in Your Life.2253

2254.  The Rapture Teaching #1.2254

2255.  The Rapture Teaching #2.2255

2256. Keeping the Faith.2256 

2257.  A Mother’s Love.2257 

2258.  The 5th Seal of Revelation.2258 

2259.  Learning the “True Way”.2259 

2260.  Attack of the Antichrist #1.2260 

2261.  Attack of the Antichrist #2.2261 

2262.  The Two Witnesses.2262 

2263.  Tares in the Local Church.2263 

2264.  Attack of the Antichrist #3.2264 

2265.  Add to Your Faith.2265 

2266.  By My Spirit saith the Lord.2266 

2267.  Reprobate from the True Christian Faith.2267 

2268. I Am that I Am.2268 

2269.  Jesus is Lord.2269

2270.  The 7th Trumpet Rapture.2270

2271.  Spiritual Rest.2271

2272.  God Scatters the People.2272

2273.  Attack of the Antichrist #4.2273

2274.  The Bread of Life.2274 

2275.  Don’t Fall from Grace.2275 

2276.  The Parable of the Pound.2276

2277.  The 7th Trumpet Rapture.2277

2278.  The 6th Seal of Revelation.2278

2279.  Teaching the Truth.2279

2280.  Time of the End!!!.2280

2281.  The Two Witnesses of Revelation.2281

2282.  To God be the Glory.2282

2283.  Try to do what God wants.2283

2284.  The 7th Trumpet Rapture.2284

2285.  Teach Others so they can Teach Others.2285

2286.  Seek the Kingdom.2286

2287.  Don’t move the Ancient Landmarks.2287

2288.  Troubles in the Middle East.2288

2289.  Everlasting Life.2289

2290.  Israel Attacks the Antichrist.2290

2291.  The Antichrist Part 1.2291

2292.  The Antichrist Part 2.2292

2293.  The Antichrist Part 3.2293

2294.  The End Time Tribulation.2294

2295.  Light of the Gospel.2295

2296.  Servants of the Lord.2296

2297.  White Robes in Heaven.2297

2298.  The Split Rapture.2298

2299.  Time of the End.2299

2300.  Confidence in the Lord.2300

Sermons #24 – 2301-2400

Click on the number at the end of the Title, it is a link to the Sermon in the MP3 Format.

2301.  Seeking God all of Your Life.2301

2302.  Learning to Love God.2302

2303.  Keeping Faithful to the Lord.2303

2304.  Love for the Brethren.2304

2305.  Saved by Grace.2305

2306.  Learn the Scriptures.2306

2307.  Amazing Grace.2307

2308.  Amazing Grace.2308

2309.  Amazing Grace.2309

2310.  Amazing Grace.2310

2311.  Amazing Grace.2311

2312.  Amazing Grace.2312

2313.  The Goodness of God.2313

2314.  The Return of the Lord.2314

2315.  Basic Church Doctrine.2315

2316.  Israel Attacks Syria.2316

2317.  The Second Coming of the Lord.2317

2318.  Keep Running the Race.2318

2319.  The Over Comer is Jesus.2319

2320.  The Power belongs to the Lord.2320

2321.  Don’t Complain & Murmur in the Church.2321

2322.  Angels and Demons.2322

2323.  All are Sinners.2323

2324.  The Burning of the Earth.2324

2325.  Baptism.2325

2326.  Repentance and Faith.2326

2327.  A Corrupt Generation.2327

2328.  The Heavenly Father.2328

2329.  The Split Rapture.2329

2330.  The Journey of Life.2330

2331.  The Bride who Prepared.2331

2332.  Grace.2332

2333.  Eternal Salvation.2333

2334.  Blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.2334

2335.  Learn about the Lord.2335

2336.  By Grace.2336

2337.  The Salvation of God.2337

2338.  The Book of Job.2338

2339. The Tribulation Period.2339

2340.  70 Weeks of Years.2340

2341.  The Tribulation Period.2341

2342.  Daniel’s 70th Week.2342

2343.  Being Saved & Running the Race.2343

2344.  The Split Rapture.2344

2345.  The Word Profane.2345

2346.  The 7th Trumpet.2346

2347.  Obey the Lord.2347

2348.  The Word became Flesh.2348

2349.  The Humility of God.2349

2350.  Set Free to be a Bond Servant.2350

2351.  Be Faithful to the Lord.2351

2352.  The One God of Heaven.2352

2353.  A Bond Servant.2353

2354.  Walking with God.2354

2355.Book of Job.2355

2356.Called to Preach.2356

2357.A Pastor.2357

2358.End Time Knowledge.2358

2359.Tsunamis Waves.2359

2360.The Last Part of the Tribulation Period.2360

2361.A Called Pastor.2361

2362.God is Just in all Things.2362

2363.The Middle East Events.2363

2364.Glory to God in the Church.2364

2365.The Christian Running a Race.2365

2366.Church Family Fellowship.2366

2367.Called, Chosen and Faithful.2367

2368.The Catching Out of the Saints.2368

2369.Spiritual Adultery.2369

2370.Teach the Simple Truth.2370

2371.Good Things come from God.2371

2372.Fullness of the Gentiles.2372

2373.Basket of Summer Fruit.2373

2374.Let Not Your Heart be Troubled.2374

2375.Saved and Following the Lord.2375

2376.Saved by the Grace.2376

2377.Meek and Lowly in Heart.2377

2378.Scriptural Baptism.2378

2379.Don’t Resist the Holy Spirit.2379

2380.Meek and Lowly.2380

2381.Faith and Works.2381

2382.See and Believe.2382

2383.Keep Studying the Bible.2383

2384.The Two Witnesses.2384

2385.The Two Witnesses.2385

As of May 8, 2020; these are all of the Sermons that will be posted. Bro. Tom passed away on April 5, 2019; and his son sent me many Sermons that were found at his home. I have tried to upload the ones I felt like were some that were not already online. I may have uploaded several that were already online, but I was simply an oversight.

Nevertheless, as of now, these are all of the Sermons that will be added, unless I notice some new ones that I’m certain are not on this list. Otherwise, I hope these Sermons have enriched your life……………

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